Payors & Employers

More payors and health systems are shifting to outcome-based payment models.

With better insights into patient populations, Privis Health helps payors establish unique virtual health plans and value-based care programs that reduce costs, improve member access, and create market differentiation.

analytics and data
data analytics capabilities
data analytics capabilities

Get to Know Your Network to Reduce the Cost of Quality Care

  • Apply predictive analytics and machine learning to identify member needs and likely outcomes
  • Improve the quality of care with better care coordination
  • Increase member participation and engagement in their health journeys
  • Impact population health measures
  • Identify patient risk factors with AI-driven risk stratification
  • Intervene early for better outcomes, including patients with hypertension, COPD, and diabetes
  • Maximize guideline-directed medical therapy and reduce risk
  • Adhere to clinically driven care pathways to ensure successful outcomes
  • Get actionable quality reporting

Privis Health’s clinical data connections and robust analytics capabilities help payors and employers tap into the real needs of their members to influence care accessibility and utilization.

See how Privis Health applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to population health.

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