Pharmaceutical Companies & CROs

Virtual clinical trials allow savvy pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and contract research organizations to expand their participant pools and reach unique populations regardless of physical location.

But managing large and dispersed trial pools comes with its challenges. Privis Health integrates all of the data collection, analytics, monitoring, and communication technologies into one digital home that trial managers can use to keep participants engaged.

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One Home to Recruit and Track Your Decentralized Trials

  • Recruit study participants more efficiently with advanced inclusion criteria data analytic modeling
  • Boost retention rates with predictive analytics that identify “at risk” participants so you can successfully reengage them
  • Extend study demographics with a virtual, decentralized study approach
  • Increase participant compliance and adherence with ongoing, personalized participant engagement

Privis Health’s full-service platform has everything pharmaceutical companies need for effective virtual trial management.

See how Privis Health is tackling the clinical study participation challenge.

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