Machine Learning & AI

Technology with a Human Touch

Privis Health utilizes predictive and real-time analytics to train algorithms that power clinical decision support for enhanced diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. We give you the insights to understand patient populations and the foresight to influence outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Based on millions of patients and known social determinants of health


Prescriptive AI

Custom algorithms project likely outcomes with and without recommended interventions


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Improved Outcomes

Improve quality, cost, and patient experience metrics

How It Works

Identify, Predict & Prioritize Pathways to Wellness


Identify At-Risk Patient Populations and Reduce Financial Loss

Using clinical, behavioral, and socioeconomic data, Privis Health flags patients at-risk of poor outcomes. Stakeholders maximize value and realize cost savings in any payment model.

Predict Likelihood of Clinical Outcomes with Custom Algorithms

Our custom algorithms spotlight appropriate interventions, allowing for immediate patient engagement.

Prioritize Action Plans to Close Care Gaps

See at-a-glance individualized dashboards, including historical trends. Receive prioritized task lists, driven by analytics, to reduce risks and close care gaps.
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Real Intelligence, Real Improvements

Real-time actionable insights
regarding authorizations, pathway adherence, care navigation, care utilization, patient engagement, quality measurement, and financial performance

Holistic plug-and-play workflow solutions
adaptable and interoperable across organizational entities

Digitally driven personalized medicine
and guideline-driven care pathways for defined episodes of care and their associated workflows

Analytical insights
to a multi-disciplinary care team regarding:

  • Patient risk stratification and measures of quality, cost, and outcomes including associated benchmarks
  • Adherence to prescribed care pathways
  • Recommendations for improving efficiencies

What Makes Privis Health AI Different?

Built on the Most Advanced Technology Stack for Virtual Care

  • Built on Microsoft Azure
  • Latest Cloud Technologies: Service Fabric, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Databricks
  • Private Cloud (Single-Tenant Hosting)
  • Responsive Browser-Based Application (No App Downloads)
  • Built for Multi-Disciplinary Teams
  • Real-Time Communication with Remote Patient Monitoring Devices
  • Easy Scale-Up for Increased Data Volume and Machine Learning Complexity
  • Complete Data Encryption
  • Optional Hosting on Azure Government Cloud for Added Security
  • Single Sign On
  • Adjustable System Permissions
  • Customizable Reports
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Process Any Structured Data and Share Securely

  • CSV
  • Excel
  • Medical Record Exports (HL7, CCD, FHIR)
  • Database Exports
  • Built on Comprehensive Validation Architecture to Ensure Clean Data
  • Industry-Standard HL7 FHIR APIs for Sharing to/from External Medical Systems
  • Third-Party System Integrations
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User-Friendly AI

  • AI-Driven Clinical Alerts
  • Customizable Clinical Treatment Protocols
  • Customized Algorithms Based on Machine Learning and Medical Best Practices
  • Clinically Validated AI Algorithms to Guarantee Patient Safety
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