Quality Reporting

Mitigating Risk Through Actionable Reporting

Privis Health incorporates each stakeholder’s specific quality score cards, satisfaction surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) score. We report on the metrics that matter most to providers, payors, and organizations, ensuring they move the needle on quality metrics.

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High-Quality Reporting for High-Value Care

Privis Health supports value-based care by creating disease-driven models with measurable outcomes.

Our AI-driven algorithms capture comprehensive medical data and value sets (ICD, CPT, NDC and RxCUI) to track trends in productivity of care, with measurable end points such as:

  • Readmissions
  • Hospitalizations
  • ER and Urgent Care utilization
  • Treatment plan adherence
  • Medication adherence
  • Clinical improvements, such as blood pressure reduction and stability, cholesterol improvement, etc.
  • Complications, such as surgical infections, DVT, PE, and unmanaged pain
  • Time productivity
  • Length of stay
  • Average cost per episode
  • Surgical site infection
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Quality Data You Can Count On

Accurate and timely quality measurement and reporting is vital to improving the health of patients and populations and reducing per capita healthcare costs.

With reliable quality data, payors and providers can pinpoint the interventions that improve care, identify barriers that lead to poor outcomes, and compare the overall effectiveness of treatments and procedures — all insights needed to make impactful changes that lead to improved care and health outcomes.

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