Streamlining Chronic Care Management

Privis Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions that enables healthcare provider organizations to deliver efficient care to their patient population. Through it’s scalable, cloud-based solution, it empowers healthcare providers to better manage quality of care while achieving their operating and performance goals.

Clinical Integration

Privis Health’s Care Management platform meets the challenge of this new environment. An intuitive interface helps providers coordinate services seamlessly with a dynamic goal oriented shared care plan helping to address the medical, social, behavioral and economic issues that are so fundamental to health and wellbeing. Privis Health’s integrated workflow engine takes data from all types of EHRs, labs, claims and remote monitoring devices. It uses interface standards like HL7, CCD and flat files to make it possible to exchange data with providers’ health information systems.

Population Health

Our Population Health tools include analytics that enable provider institutions to segment their patient population and apply responsive health management strategies. Privis Health offers elegant solutions including flexible models for team based services, the ability to identify gaps in care, opportunities to manage risk, and workflows that address core measures and reporting requirements.

Population Reporting and Analytics

Privis Health’s predictive analytics are combined with insights into costs, utilization, gaps in care, co-morbidities and behavioral health assessments to prioritize populations to manage and coordinate care. Our reporting tools enable healthcare organizations to view their data in a variety of ways, to guide their care transformation processes, and to improve outcomes and economics under Fee-For-Service and prepare for value-based contracts. Providers are able to view reports on their population by cost/utilization, disease, care setting, and care quality metrics.

Care Management Platform

Privis Health’s Care Management platform interconnects a diverse and virtual care team to coordinate a patient-centric care plan. A sophisticated rules engine combined with care pathways generates Care Management tasks. A configurable workflow engine assigns tasks to the appropriate care team members. Privis Health’s proprietary language allows for rapid configuration based on organizations’ workflows, priorities, and staffing. The workflow engine incorporates advanced concepts to ensure task assignment, execution, escalation, rerouting, and re-prioritization.

Advisory Services

Privis Health partners with an experienced team of healthcare executives who have created successful Population Health and Provider-led Care Management programs. As value-based payment models take hold, providers are working together in new ways to achieve the goals of better quality, better health, and better control over healthcare costs. A strategic roadmap is an essential ingredient to achieve the promise of successful population health management and a continuously improving learning health system. Our approach is to become your partner and fully understand your patient population characteristics, provider networks, payer mix, current resources, and other key data before working with you to devise a roadmap to Population Health and Value-Based contracts.