Creating Value for You and Your Patients

Creating Value for You and Your Patients

Our blended family of clinical providers and technology experts has identified five elements required for success. Each is essential to enhance clinical care, leverage technology, and create economic sustainability. Our team has combined these elements to create a solution in which the whole is vastly greater than the sum of the parts. Let’s talk about how we make this possible!

Every patient is surrounded by a multi-disciplinary care team led by an experienced registered nurse. Care teams provide complex clinical assessments, care planning, and medication reconciliation. We also assist patients and providers with the coordination of specialty home care, behavioral health, and community services. We believe each patient is unique and must be treated holistically to address their individual needs.

Our registered nurses work closely with each patient to develop a comprehensive care plan. These care plans are carefully designed around the holistic needs of each patient and meet the recommendations and standards of care set forth by CMS. We help patients take ownership of their health and make them active participants in achieving their goals.

The Privis Health technology platform is a tool that allows care managers to efficiently and effectively work with their patients. The platform ingests and organizes massive quantities of clinical data. Our AI-driven data analytics performs risk stratification, risk adjustment factor analysis, gap-in-care analysis, and helps to automate annual care plan development. Real-time data from medical claims, the electronic medical record, laboratory, pharmacy, and remote patient monitoring devices continually update the analytics. The platform is built to easily accommodate custom integrations from additional data sources and uses all standard healthcare interfaces.

We understand that meaningful clinical outcomes can mean something a bit different to every clinical stakeholder. We combine the goals of the patient and the clinical space with best-practice standards of care to improve outcomes for all parties. Our system’s logic is designed to identify and track patient-specific quality measures as determined by the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA). This ensures nothing gets missed between assessment, care planning, and execution of the care plan. Effective care planning and continual patient check-ins allow us to escalate care when needed and make referrals to the appropriate clinical setting. Our ability to facilitate the right care, at the right time and in the right place optimizes patient-centric care which is high quality and cost-effective.

We provide high quality, cost-effective care management without cost to providers. We achieve this by leveraging existing CPT codes, resulting in zero out of pocket expense to the ambulatory or inpatient clinical setting. CMS has graciously provided us with multiple CPT codes to support the critical work of providing comprehensive care management. All services can be performed under “general supervision” (meaning that our care managers work with you remotely) and still remain tightly integrated into your clinical workflow. We become an extension of your clinical team. We view each of the leveraged CPT codes (CCM, PCM, TCM, RPM, and BHI) as simply pieces of a funding puzzle, which effectively finance the comprehensive care management program that every patient deserves.