Software as a Medical Device

Do you have a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) project and need guidance to build, scale, and maintain a SaMD product? Start your SaMD journey with Privis Health.

SaMD Step 1: Algorithm Development

SaMD has the power to improve patient care and generate new revenue streams.

Privis Health partners with healthcare technology and biotechnology companies to jointly design and develop the core algorithms that feed into SaMD products and make them usable, beneficial, and intelligent.

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Why Consult with Privis Health on SaMD Algorithm Development?

We specialize in bringing patient health data to life, improving outcomes for patients and providers.

Meaningful Data
Not all health data is handled equal. We understand data at a deep level and know how to collect, analyze, and deliver it in ways that will achieve meaningful SaMD outcomes.

  • Monitor
  • Clinical Intervention
  • Outcomes Analysis and Reporting
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