Government Entities

Privis Health accelerates access to the right data so government agencies can take action. We have deployed our platform with large government agencies to support various public health efforts, including COVID-19 testing.

Privis Health can ingest government and laboratory data to identify data patterns, refine protocols, predict demographic and geographic trends, and improve outcomes

health data

Making Health Data Actionable

  • Establish and enhance data connectivity between federal agencies and healthcare providers
  • Provide critical population health insights that impact policy and funding decisions
  • Support health data interoperability initiatives
  • Aggregate data sources (CDC, HHS, others)
  • Deliver quality reports efficiently
  • Report to government agencies on pressing community health initiatives

Privis Health’s robust data analytics and reporting capabilities put the power of real-time facts and insights into the hands that can influence change.

See how Privis Health optimizes data intelligence.

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