Personalized proactive care management services. Your onramp to value-based healthcare.

Privis empowers healthcare providers and patients with a holistic blend of innovative data-driven technology and clinical services.

Creating the Ultimate
Patient Experience

We believe that technology can be blended with clinical services to transform the patient-provider relationship. Here’s how:

Dedicated Hands-on Clinical Team

Patients have a personal RN care manager and a supporting multi-disciplinary clinical team to address their unique healthcare needs

Individualized Care Plans

RNs partner with patients to tailor a proactive annual care plan to optimize their health and quality of life

Technology-Enabled Services

Our platform performs predictive analytics, patient risk stratification, EMR integration, and more, resulting in real-time decision-making capability for the clinical care management team

Meaningful Clinical Outcomes

We develop personalized treatment goals with each patient, resulting in patient buy-in, proactive care gap closure and avoidance of downstream healthcare costs

Economically Sustainable Model

We leverage existing CPT codes to generate sustainable revenue which supports our high level of clinical patient support

Why Privis Health

We treat our clinical partnerships, patients, and employees as relationships requiring constant cultivation so they may flourish.

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