Optimizing Chronic Care Management Reimbursement

Improving Patient Health
& Practice Efficiencies

Comprehensive Integration of Care

Privis Health is a leading provider of next gen health information technology and reimbursement strategies. Solutions are cloud-based, scalable, and universally integrated with EHRs and health data platforms — enabling healthcare providers to improve quality of care and achieve their operating and performance goals.

Why Privis Health

Affordability, Team, Technology, and Better Outcomes

1. Our revenue/risk share model allows practices to more affordably pursue CCM and other Value-Based care (VBC) payment opportunities.

2. Privis’ team of experienced Care Managers allow practices to:

  • Avoid hiring and training additional staff or problems with attrition
  • Minimize extra administrative duties or electronic data
  • Provide 24/7/365 access to care and maintain continuity of care
  • A conduit to the healthcare provider
  • Improve patient communication and satisfaction with their provider
3. Privis’ advanced Care Management platform supports and promotes better health for patients. Auto-generated care plans, assessments, and tasks help to minimize exacerbations of chronic diseases, reduce hospital readmissions, and/or Emergency Department visits. Privis technology is leveraged to better:

  • Manage Transitions of Care
  • Account for Social Determinants of Health
  • Identify and manage high-risk patients
  • Stratify patient populations according to relative risk
  • Source data from:
    • EHRs
    • Claims
    • Registries
    • Electronic data warehouses
    • Health information exchanges
    • Labs
    • Any other sources of data the client may access
  • Automate the development of care plans derived from clinical and assessment data
  • Guide care team members to perform the right interventions, for the right patients, at the right time, by the right individual
  • Offer immediate CCM and value-based care services to full patient population without having to hire additional staff

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75% of Healthcare Providers are seeking value-based care solutions outside of their EHR. Find out WHY.

Advisory Services

Privis Health partners with an experienced team of healthcare executives who have created successful Chronic Care and Provider-led Care Management programs. As Value-Based payment models increase in number and complexity, providers are looking outside of their office-based EHR platform and existing staff for more efficient processes to achieve better quality, better patient health, and better control over healthcare costs. As a truly invested partner, Privis Health provides strategic expertise to serve our clients. Our payment optimization roadmap for either CCM or VBC contracts is built upon a full understanding of patient population characteristics, payer mix, provider networks, current resources, and other key data to help maximize available reimbursement.