Population Health Management Programs


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Streamlining Population Health Management

Privis Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions that enables healthcare provider organizations to deliver efficient care to their patient population. Through its scalable, cloud-based solution, it empowers healthcare providers to better manage quality of care while achieving their operating and performance goals.

Why Privis Health

  • Manage Transitions of Care
  • Identify socio-behavioral health determinants
  • Identify and manage high-risk patients
  • Stratify patient populations from aggregated data including EHRs, claims, registries, and EDWs
  • Automate the development of care plans derived from clinical and assessment data
  • Guide care team members to perform the right interventions for the right patients at the right time
  • Replace manual processes and disparate systems with a holistic management platform

Advisory Services

Privis Health partners with an experienced team of healthcare executives who have created successful Population Health and Provider-led Care Management programs. As value-based payment models take hold, providers are working together in new ways to achieve the goals of better quality, better health, and better control over healthcare costs. A strategic roadmap is an essential ingredient to achieve the promise of successful population health management and a continuously improving learning health system. Our approach is to become your partner and fully understand your patient population characteristics, provider networks, payer mix, current resources, and other key data before working with you to devise a roadmap to Population Health and Value-Based contracts.