Software Development Manager

Vytas has over 7 years of development experience, with a Master’s in Computer Science from Santa Clara University. He has worked for companies as large as Wells Fargo, but also founded his own music streaming analytics startup, working with Spotify and Rdio.

Although Vytas focused primarily on machine learning and artificial intelligence during his graduate studies, he quickly took to front-end development when he joined an incubator with his brother for their startup, After nearly 18 months, he moved on to Wells Fargo, developing white label applications used internationally. Soon after, he joined Privis Health as a software developer. As the company grew, so did his responsibilities, becoming the application team lead and, eventually, Software Development manager- his current position.

In this position, Vytas splits his time between managing a full team of developers as well as providing technical insight into the direction of Privis Health and the Care Management application. He still gets his hands dirty, developing significant amounts of code and architecting the application.