Why Privis

We treat our clinical partnerships, patients, and employees as sacred relationships requiring constant cultivation so they may flourish. These values are rooted into our organizational structure and are fundamental to an approach which grows into successful and enduring clinical partnerships.

Why Privis

How We Thrive

The tree symbolizes the organizational behavior of Privis Health. Each part of the tree is integral to a healthy organism and represents the symbiotic relationship needed for a living entity to fulfill its potential. As a team, we work together in a synergistic flow to provide services that convey the integrity and mission of our company.

From the roots to the leaves, each facet of Privis contributes to the whole creating a community and culture that honors the individual. These values are reflected in our work which emphasizes the holistic care of each patient.

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Mountain Range

The leaves are the employees, or contributors of the team. These are at the top of the organizational model because they are the builders of the product. Each leaf is independent and equal to the other. The leaves indicate the health of the tree and grow under a solid foundation, just as the employees thrive under supportive leadership.

The branches represent the departments of Privis- Development, Clinical, Sales and Administrative.

Working as a team requires collaboration, fluidity and synergy.

The trunk is comprised of the leadership team. It portrays our view that leaders are there to facilitate the success of the rest of the team. They are a cohesive, integrated group who work to value, honor, challenge and encourage their teams, instilling success through appreciation and stability.

The roots of the tree represent the Privis mission. They are the “why”- the reason we do what we do. These roots are the foundation of our company from which we gain strength and purpose. Each value is a driver for our daily activities.

Creating Value for You<br /> and Your Patients

Creating Value for You
and Your Patients

Our blended family of clinical providers and technology experts have identified five elements required for success. Each is essential to enhance clinical care, leverage technology and create economic sustainability.

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