The Privis Difference

Revenue/risk share model allows clients to experience the solution for little to no upfront costs.

Technology and team approach optimizes reimbursement for care management strategies, avoids typical expenses or staffing limitations impacting practices, and significantly improves patient health and connection with providers.

Privis Health is a leading provider of next gen health information technology and reimbursement strategies. Solutions are cloud-based, scalable, and universally integrate with EHRs and health data platforms — enabling healthcare providers to improve quality of care and achieve their operating and performance goals.

As a pioneer in healthcare delivery reform, Privis Health develops and implements innovative care management programs that improve reimbursement capture and clinical practice efficiencies. Offerings include transitions of care and chronic care management programs that identify and incorporate socio-behavioral, socioeconomic, and special needs of the patient and the population. Privis Health also brings deep experience with quality measures and outcomes, development of comparative performance information, and results-driven service models to improve system performance.

  • Manage Transitions of Care
  • Account for Social Determinants of Health
  • Identify and manage high-risk patients
  • Stratify patient populations according to relative risk
  • Source data from:
    • EHRs
    • Claims
    • Registries
    • Electronic data warehouses
    • Health information exchanges
    • Labs
    • Any other source of data the client may access
  • Automate the development of care plans derived from clinical and assessment data
  • Guide care team members to perform the right interventions, for the right patients, at the right time, by the right individual
  • Offer immediate CCM and value-based care services to full patient population without having to hire additional staff



  • Experience and knowledge in Chronic Care Management and Value-Based Care payment models
  • Proactive team-based service models
  • Structured approach to practice and payment transformation
  • Balance between local innovation and enterprise priorities
  • Adaptable technology platform that provides comprehensive data integration and analytics

Program Outcomes

  • Enhanced identification of qualifying patients
  • Auto-generated, evidence-based care plans sourced from recognized authorities
  • Identification of Gaps in Care
  • Assessment and scoring of high-risk patients
  • Increased patient enrollment and access to care
  • Improved patient health and connection with healthcare provider
  • Achievement of quality measures and goals
  • Shared care plan visibility and access across the multi-disciplinary care team
  • Reduced utilization of healthcare resources
  • Continuous learning and adoption of practice improvements and efficiencies
  • Success in meeting VBC goals and revenue targets


Community Oriented

Privis Health’s innovative and proven program models are oriented towards a Care Management Team (CMT) approach to incorporate multi-disciplinary care providers who provide home and community-based services.

Discrete Metrics

Designed to identify and manage distinct, at-risk populations through a set of selection criteria:
– Clinical Risk Factors
– Comorbid Conditions
– Gaps In Care
– Mental Health Issues
– Social Issues
– Economic Issues
– Addiction

Team-Based Approach

Privis Health’s comprehensive model establishes an integrated care effort while engaging community health resources and ancillary services to ensure seamless delivery of all aspects of a complex care plan.


Properly executed, the program will achieve excellent outcomes on pre-established care goals and produce predictable reductions in health care costs within a one to two-year time frame.