Chief Informational Officer/Chief Technology Officer

Phil Fegan is Chief Information Officer at Privis Health, a leading provider of digital health solutions that enables healthcare provider organizations to deliver efficient care to their patient population.

Mr. Fegan has almost 30 years of healthcare experience holding positions in payer companies, hospital institutions, medical groups, healthcare operations as well as in information technology. Utilizing experience from all aspects of the healthcare systems, both in the United States as well as the United Kingdom, enables Phil to provide innovative health care technology solutions across the continuum of care.

In his role at Privis Health, Mr. Fegan is responsible for working with the clinical teams to understand the developing needs of the population health landscape, and then translating those needs into functional requirements for the development team. Mr. Fegan will also utilize his extensive background in population health, along with the clinical team and key clients, in the development of the longer term product roadmap for the company.

Prior to joining Privis Health, Mr. Fegan worked as CIO for both P3 Health Partners and Davita Healthcare Partners, both large organizations that managed Medicare Advantage populations in a full risk environment. In his role as CIO Mr. Fegan was responsible for the development of a technology roadmap that would continue to build on the foundation of empowerment for both the care team, and the patients they served.

In the United Kingdom Mr. Fegan worked at Standard Life Healthcare, the UK’s fourth largest provider of private medical insurer, in various roles. Mr. Fegan began his health care career at the British United Provident Association in their Birmingham regional branch, and then promoted to run the Manchester claims payment office.

Mr. Fegan completed his education in the UK before immigrating to the United States in 1997. He is married, with three daughters and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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