Serving Value-Based Payment Models.

Privis’ approach is well positioned to serve Value-Based Payment Models.

Value-Based Payment (VBP) models continue to evolve and are changing the nation’s healthcare landscape. Instead of fee-for-service, these new payment models provide incentives to improve the quality of services people receive, health outcomes, and control over healthcare costs. VBP models are driving healthcare delivery transformation with an emphasis on prevention, performance, coordinated, and comprehensive services. Greater focus on addressing the social, economic, and behavioral determinants of health are recognized and incorporated in Privis care plans, helping to improve patient outcomes and avoid hospital admissions or emergency department visits.

Creating Proactive Patient Outreach

Privis Health provides risk stratification of patients and identifies gaps in care to enable care managers to proactively perform the right assessments for the right patients, at the right time, and complete tasks to improve patient care.

A Proactive Team-based Service Model

Privis Health offers a comprehensive data-driven program including proactive team-based service models, a structured approach to a transformation network that balances local innovation and enterprise priorities, and a supportive technology platform. These assets can help clients deliver the most effective preventive services, improve the health and well-being of the population they serve, control growth in healthcare expenditures, and continuously improve its programs from what it learns.