Health Care Analytics

Lana serves as the healthcare data analyst for Privis. She combines effective analytical skills with her nursing experience to use predictive analytics to drive dramatic changes in healthcare delivery. Her role and expertise reside in utilizing data to optimize care to produce better patient outcomes and reduce cost through impactful interventions. She also brings an in-depth understanding of complex claims and clinical measures stemming from her work with the CMS Practice Transformation Initiative where she directed the development, implementation, and analyses on improvement activities in the care coordination process to lead the way for alternative payment model adoption in a variety of practice settings.

She provides real-world utilization of clinical and application data to your organization through visual analytics to provide an insight-driven picture of the patient to identify care gaps, revenue opportunities, and overall better patient outcomes. Using a wide variety of clinical, financial, and patient level data she can provide real-time guided analytics make the information actionable daily by your organization.

Lana attended Watts School of Nursing and received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Winston-Salem State University.  She attended Northwestern University where she received her Master of Science degree in health informatics with a focus in clinical informatics.  Her studies culminated with the development of a high-need, high-cost patient care model that leverages social determinant and clinical data to deliver targeted interventions to these patients through stratification, segmentation, and advanced coordination activities across the integrated health system.