Your Healthcare Data Analytics Provider Offers Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people. In fact, over 70 percent of adults in the United States say that they feel anxiety or stress on a daily basis. Whether it is related to an issue at work, an argument with a friend or family issues, everybody feels stressed at some point in their lives. And while our bodies are capable of handling some stress, when it is too much it can be very bad for your health.

For example, anybody who suffers high blood pressure doesn’t need added stress in their lives. But since we don’t always have control over stressful situations, the best we can do is find ways to reduce our stress. Privis Health, a healthcare data analytics provider, offers ways in which you can better deal with stress.

Avoid Caffeine

If you can’t totally avoid caffeine, then at least reduce the amount you consume. Caffeine is a stimulate and will increase your level of stress rather than reduce it.

Alcohol and nicotine are also stimulates and are not helpful in reducing your stress. You should also aim to reduce your intake of refined sugars. It is best if you keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and herbal teas to help your body cope better with stress.

Indulge in Physical Activity

Our flight or fight hormones are hard-wired into our brains and designed to protect us from immediate bodily harm when there is a perceived threat. Unfortunately, in our modern society, stress is hardly ever remedied by simply running or fighting. Since this is the case, it makes perfect sense that we use physical exercise as a way to metabolize our excessive amount of stress hormones. In doing so, we restore our bodies and minds to a calmer and more relaxed state.

When you feel stressed and tense, the best thing you can do is to go outside and take a brisk walk in the fresh air. But you should really incorporate some sort of physical activity into your daily routine on a regular basis. Exercising will help reduce your stress and it will help you sleep better at night.

Get More Sleep

Rather than drinking alcohol or taking pills to help you get to sleep, you should aim to maximize your relaxation before you go to bed. You want to make your bedroom a tranquil oasis with none of the reminders of the stressful day.

You should not have any caffeine in the hours leading up to your bedtime and you should turn the television off long before you close your eyes to go to sleep. You could try reading a book about medication or a book about a far away land in a far away time when dragons, elves, hobbits and wizards rule Middle Earth.

The point is you need to take your mind off of your daily activities to help you reach a state that will enable a more sound sleep. Watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory will not accomplish this goal.

Relaxation Techniques

Self-hypnosis is fairly easy and can be done just about anywhere, even in your car or at your workstation if necessary. You can do this by focusing on one word that has a positive meaning to you, like calm, peace or love. Keep telling yourself that you deserve a calm and peaceful life and block out any intrusive thoughts. This might prove to be difficult at first, but you will get better the more you try.

Find a Friend

It can be helpful just to talk to a trusted friend after a stressful event. Talking eases stress because it causes you to shift your focus to something else by talking about what was stressing you out. Talking things out provides clarity, it makes you see things more clearly and puts your life in perspective.

Take Control

Your stress might be triggered by problems at work that continue to surface. If this is the case, do what you can to pinpoint the recurring problem and eliminate it. When you find solutions to your problems, you effectively lower your levels of stress. When you do solve problems, you also feel more control over the situation and that also lowers your stress.

Manage Your Time

We understand that you have a lot to do and not nearly enough time to get it all done. We get that. But you need to accept that you can’t continue at such a rapid pace without suffering some pretty serious health conditions. You must prioritize your tasks and complete what you can and save the rest for another day.

You Must Learn to Say No

When your plate is full, overfilled to be sure, and someone asks you for a favor, you simply must learn to tell them no. If you agree to take on added responsibility, your level of stress is sure to rise.

For many, saying no is difficult and you need to understand why it is so difficult. People can’t say no for any number of reasons including they want to be liked and respected, they are trying to be nice or they fear conflict. Figure out the reason why you can’t say no and move forward.

Chill Out

Here are several ways in which you can chill out and reduce your stress. Make sure you take notes.

Watch Something Funny– Laughter really is the best medicine. And while watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory won’t help you go to sleep at night, it will make you laugh and feel better about life, even for just 30 minutes.

Eat a Banana– When you get all stressed out, your blood pressure will rise. The potassium found in the banana will help regulate this. Besides, it’s difficult to focus on anything else when you are eating a banana.

Bake Something– Just the smell of something baking is enough to ease stress. Start off with something easy like banana bread and once you are successful with that move on to more complicated bakes.

Practice Yoga– Yoga incorporates meditation, breathing exercises and exercise to bring stress relief.

Watch a Nature Documentary– Find a nature show that documents the insect life found in a Brazilian rainforest. You will be so spellbound and interested that you will totally forget what happened at work today that stressed you out.

Visit a Museum– Cultural centers provide a positive distraction, reduce tension and inspire creativity. You will feel better when you leave.

Watch Cute Animals on YouTube– You bet that watching keyboard cat or any of the other hilarious animals on YouTube will reduce the stress you are feeling.

Watch the Stars- Stargazing is a very relaxing event that will help you ease your burden of stress. Laying down and staring up at the night sky is not only relaxing, it’s pretty awesome as well.

Clean Your Closet– This is not a euphemism; if you are stressed out, go and clean out your bedroom closet or your hall closet. If your mind is a mess after work, go home and clean out a messy closet. As you sort through the clutter in the closet and reorganize, so the same will happen in your head.

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