We are right in the middle of a wonderful summer and what do you have to show for it? Perhaps a bit of sunburn and maybe a blister from pushing the button on the television remote for too long.

We get it, it’s hot outside and lounging around on your couch in your air conditioned home binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix is a great way to kill the day. But you need to get outside and do something productive, something healthy before the days get shorter and the cold sets in. And winter will be here before you know.

Part of living healthy is being active and there are plenty of ways in which you can stay active in the summer. Privis Health, improving patient care through population health management, offers you healthy activities you should try this summer.

Go Camping

Camping is a wonderful and healthy activity that is fun for the whole family. You love your Keurig coffee maker and your hair dryer, but ridding yourself of these modern appliances for a short period of time will help you escape the daily grind of life.

It’s difficult to detach yourself from the stresses of the modern world when you are constantly on your smartphone. Giving yourself a break from these modern conveniences helps you to relax, recover and rejuvenate.

The activities you engage in while camping are often really great ways to get exercise. When you go camping, you will probably go for a few hikes, go swimming or play games.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking makes you awesome. It really does.

When was the last time somebody told you they had a wonderful time on the treadmill? It never happens because running on a treadmill is dreadfully boring. Mountain biking is just the opposite. Mountain biking isn’t just a summer sport, it’s an adventure. When you reach the top of the trail, you will feel accomplished and full of confidence.

Visit a Farmers Market

Farmers markets can be found almost anywhere in the summer. You should take the family and go visit one.

Farmers markets are the best place to get fresh and superior fruits and vegetables. A lot of what you get at the grocery store is days and even weeks older than what you can find at a farmers market.

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, when you buy from a farmers market, you are getting a good deal and you are supporting your local economy.

Wash Your Car

The balmy weather gives you the perfect opportunity to slip into shorts and flip=flops and wash your car. Noe excuses, your car needs a good washing.

Washing your car is good exercise and think about the vitamin D your body is absorbing as you wash and rinse the varies components of your car.


Fishing is a very relaxing sport. Which makes it great for your mental health. Fishing calms the mind and it takes place in nature, where you are far away from your computer, phone and other devices that keep you busy and stressed out all of the time.

Fishing also involves many small and intricate movements, which keeps your fine motor skills sharp.

Rock Climbing

Perhaps you are the adventurous type, in which case rock climbing would be the perfect summer activity for you. Not only will rock climbing give you a great workout and strengthen muscles you didn’t even know you had, it will test your metal skills as well.

Go to the Ballpark

Too many people think baseball is a boring sport, but it is really one of the most beautiful sports to watch. We get it, watching baseball on your television at home can be a bit tedious, you have to see the game live to get the most from it.

Outdoor Book Club

All your summer activities don’t have to include exercise. There is nothing wrong with curling up under a shade tree and reading a book. It is even better when you gather under the tree with like-minded people who read the same book and have a discussion about it.

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