Most American who are given paid vacation time fail to use all of it. In two different surveys, it was found that only about 25 percent of Americans take all of their vacation days. Another study found that over 40 percent of Americans don’t take any vacation days at all. And another survey discovered that over 60 percent of Americans work while they are on vacation.

Studies show that employees who take their allotted vacation time have a stronger workplace morale, higher productivity and enjoy significant health benefits. Privis Health, your provider of healthcare data analytics, offers the health benefits of taking a vacation.

Decreased Depression

A study found that women who vacationed less than once a week every two years were more likely to suffer increased stress and depression than women who took vacations no less than twice a year. A similar study found that individuals who spent time doing leisure activities, including taking vacations, had higher positive emotional levels and fewer bouts of depression.

May Decrease Chances of Heart Disease

A very large study conducted over a period of nine years showed that men who were at high risk of heart disease who had taken more frequent vacations were 21 percent less likely to die from heart disease. And men who took no vacations at all were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack than men who vacationed at least once a year.

Less Stress

A Canadian study showed that by removing people from activities and environments that cause stress for a period of time will reduce their overall stress. They also noted that people who take vacations enjoy lower blood pressure while they are away.

Better Sleep

Not able to fall asleep and restless nights are a common complaint for millions of Americans. Often, this inability to fall asleep stems from the fact we just have too much on our minds. When we can’t clear our heads at night, out sleep suffers.

This lack of sleep leads us to less alertness, less focus, impaired memory and an increased chance of an accident. A lack of sleep over time will decrease your quality of life.

Researchers say that taking a vacation can help interrupt the patterns that are keeping you from getting enough sleep. It is important that you take a vacation and get yourself reset and back on a healthy sleep pattern.

Better Relationships

One of the biggest benefits of taking a vacation is in how much it affects family relationships. Vacations are the perfect time to increase family bonding and share wonderful moments together. A strong family bond lifts everyone’s spirits and makes them happier people.

Mental Power

Working all of the time leaves you physically and mentally spent, and does your brain no good. Our brains don’t have reserve power, which is why we need to take vacations. When the brain is spent, it is spent and you need to do something to reset it; like hitting a beach resort in Mexico for a week.

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