Not everybody likes to follow the rules. We get it, rules can bring you down. But when it comes to healthy eating, rules are put in place to keep you from getting ill, obese or suffering from heart failure. Seriously, there are some foods out there that will mess you up in very little time.

That is not to say that eating bad foods will cause you to get sick right away. Eating a pizza every so often won’t give you cancer, but you shouldn’t be pounding down a large stuffed crust from Domino’s three times a week.

There are a number foods that you should really avoid as much as possible, if you wish to remain healthy and enjoy a full life that is. Privis Health, your digital healthcare provider, offers you a list of foods you should probably avoid.


Yup, you knew this would be on the list. There is no easy way to break this to you, but you really should avoid eating pizza because it isn’t healthy at all.

That said, some pizza is better for you than others. First of all, any pizza you get from cheap pizza chain stores are going to be the worst kind of pizza. The pizza you make at home using fresh vegetables, fresh cheese and no processed meats is much better.

The pizzas you find at your grocery store in the frozen food aisle should also stay there, don’t even think about pitting any of them in your cart.

White Bread

Even if you are gluten-tolerant, most commercial breads are unhealthy. This is due to the fact that most commercial breads are made with refined wheat, which is basically void of nutrients and leads to spiked sugar levels.

If you desire a great tasting loaf of bread that isn’t so bad for you, buy a bread maker.


Margarine is widely used as a substitute for butter in dishes ins in baking. Many people consider it to be a healthier alternative to butter. However, this is far from the truth.

Margarine is a highly processed food that has been made to look and taste like butter. It is loaded with all sorts of bad stuff like artificial ingredients and trans fat. You will be far better off using real butter instead. Just make sure it is from grass-fed cows. Moo.

French Fries

Like pizza, this is a fan favorite and many people are weeing at the prospect of a life without french fries. Fries are high in calories and are all too easy to eat in excessive amounts. If you have to have potatoes, eat them boiled and not fried.

Candy Bars

Whether you feel like a nut or you don’t, leave the Almond Joy and Mounds bars at the checkout aisle alone. Sure, it is as tempting to toss them in your cart as reading the National Enquirer story about the “bat boy,” but do your best to resist.

The Snickers, Milky Ways and Three Musketeers you love so much are super-high in sugar, refined wheat and processed fats. Sure, they are super tasty, but they are also super bad for you.

Processed Meats

Studies show that people who eat a lot of processed meats have a higher risk of some pretty serious diseases including diabetes, colon cancer and heart disease. If you have to have sausage or bacon for breakfast, we recommend you get it locally from a seller who doesn’t add a lot of unhealthy ingredients to it.

Processed Cheese

Processed cheese is nothing like regular cheese and is made up of filler ingredients that are combined to look like cheese. Like something straight from a horror movie.

Regular cheese is a healthy dairy product, so make sure you are reading labels to see what type of cheese you are buying.

Highly Processed Food

Most any type of food you find in a box is going to be bad for you. So when you grab a box of mac-n-cheese, Hamburger Helper or Rice-A-Roni, you will be eating a final product that is loaded with sodium and a bunch of ingredients you have never heard of before. Most of them you can’t even pronounce.

The same holds true for may foods you get in a can, especially canned soups. You can expect your typical canned chicken and noodle soup to be over-the-top with sodium and other unknown ingredients.

Fast Food

You should already know that most of the foods you get at fast food joints aren’t going to be very healthy. It might be very cheap to eat at Burger King or Wendy’s. but eating at these places over the years will affect your health. in a negative way to be sure.

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