One of your best tools to eat healthy and maintain your ideal weight is probably in your pocket right now, unless you are using it to read this article. That’s right, your smartphone holds the ability to guide you to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Think about it; you are always within three feet of your phone for the better part of the day. Your phone is with you when you grab lunch, grab dinner and grab a snack while you are at work. Your phone is with you when you are pumping iron at the gym, riding a trail on your mountain bike and doing push ups in your bedroom.

Basically, you always have your phone with you, it’s like the attached twin you never had. In addition, your phone provides you with many powerful apps that can help you lose weight, eat right and get plenty of exercise. So if you want to crush some weight goals and take your workouts to a whole new level, consider downloading some apps to your smartphone.

Privis Health, your healthcare analytics provider, offer this list of apps that can help you achieve better health.


MyFitnessPal has a huge database full of food, over five million different foods to give a sense of how much information is here. This app makes it that much easier to count calories and discover what is really in the foods you eat. This app works in conjunction with other devices such as Fitbit, Garmin and Apple Health.


YAZIO offer a plan fit for you as a way to lose weight and build muscles. In the app, you can create meals, keep track of your calorie intake and count how many steps you have taken today. This app also holds the ability to sync up with other fitness apps and devices.

My Diet Coach

With My Diet Coach, you can set a goal and the app lets you work towards it. This app has a visual weight tracker so you can actually see the weight coming off. It helps you focus on the things you need to be doing like drinking more water and pursuing other small changes that will help you reach your goal.


The Sweatcoin app actually pays you to lose weight and stay in shape. For every 1,00 steps you take, you earn 1 Sweatcoin. When you have collected enough Sweatcoins, you can buy apps, other services or varying offers.

Diet Hero

Diet Hero isn’t about counting calories, it basically tells you what foods to have. You tell Diet Hero the foods that you have available and it will tell you what to eat and how much to eat. If you don;t like what it picks for you, you can always spin again and it will come up with something different.


This app lets you scan the barcode of the foods you find at grocery stores and you can find out exactly what you were going to eat.

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