Having to take time off work to go see a doctor is never ideal. We are sure you could think of hundreds of things you would rather do than have to visit your doctor. But there are times when you have no choice. For example, if you find yourself very ill with a temperature, we are guessing you are more than happy to go see your doctor so you can get healthy again.

Indeed, there are any numbers of reasons why you would choose to go see your doctor. A recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic asked more than 140,000 people the reasons they go see their doctor. The answers aren’t all as obvious as you might think they would be. Privis Health, your source for digital healthcare, takes a look at the reasons people visit their doctors.

Joint Problems

Bone and joint health are common reasons people go to see their doctor. A whopping one in three Americans will report having joint pain. Joint pain can be caused by any numbers of conditions, but the most common is osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis people suffer here in the states. This type of arthritis affects knees, hips, hands and spine.

The key to preventing arthritis is in eating a proper diet, getting plenty of exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. When you exercise, you should limit yourself to low-impact workouts like swimming or the elliptical machine. High-impact workouts, like running, for example, can lead to joint pain. When you do suffer joint pain, minimize swelling with ice and give your body a rest to recover.

Upper Respiratory Problems

You can suffer upper respiratory problems at any time, but you are more likely to suffer them in the cold months of fall and winter. The upper respiratory includes your throat, nose and sinuses, and symptoms often include a sore throat, trouble breathing a runny nose and congestion.

Keep yourself at home and away from the doctor’s office in the fall and winter by keeping your immune system in good order with exercise and a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure you wash your hands frequently and try not to share drinks and foods with others. If you do catch a cold, use a humidifier and it will help you breathe easier and recuperate quicker.

High Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol, the chance of you developing heart disease doubles. And heart disease is the leading cause of death for adults in the United States. High cholesterol leads to fat in your blood that builds up on the artery walls over the years.

The best way to percent high cholesterol is by eating a diet that is high in fruits and vegetable, fish and whole grains. It is also important to limit sugar and red meat. It also helps to get regular exercise.

What doesn’t help is smoking, so you should avoid tobacco products.

Back Issues

Millions of Americans are plagued with back problems. It is also the leading cause of disability. You might suffer a dull pain that never seems to go away or maybe you suffer sudden bursts of pain with a burning sensation. Either way, it’s nothing you want to suffer with so you go see your doctor. There are a variety of treatments you can try.

One of the best ways to prevent back pain is to maintain a good posture. When your posture is good, your muscles and ligaments are all working properly and you are at a decreased risk of injury.

If you sit in front of a computer at work, avoid slumping or slouching, keep your monitor at eye level and avoid straining your neck by having to look down. It also helps if you aren’t overweight and if you exercise on a regular basis.

Skin Issues

Skin issues can range from acne to dermatitis. many people who suffer skin disorders are under the age of 18. And even though most acne sufferers are teens, roughly 20 percent of them will be adults.

Unfortunately, acne is a part of life. You can expect to get the occasional zit from time to time no matter how healthy your skin is. But you can avoid bad acne by not touching your face, showering after working out or otherwise sweating and using medicated cleaners to keep your skin and pores clean.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a chronic medical condition in which your artery walls are exposed to steady, constant pressure which weakens your heart’s muscles. High blood pressure can lead to strokes, kidney failure or a heart attack.

You can avoid suffering high blood pressure by eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts. You should also remain active, maintain a healthy weight and avoid smoking.


Over 30 million Americans have diabetes and the rate seems to grow higher each year. If left untreated, diabetes can lead to heart disease, amputations, strokes and kidney disease.

Type 2 diabetes can be avoided by maintaining a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise and staying at an ideal weight.


Headaches are defined as pain in any region of the head. A typical headache caused by stress or something else isn’t reason for a trip to see the doctor, by a migraine or cluster headache certainly is. Migraines are extremely painful headaches that can last for hours, sometimes days.

There is a lot we still need to learn about the best ways to prevent headaches.

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