How many times have you wanted to take a vacation but put it off because you had work that needed to be done? And then you complain about having too much work and how it impedes your ability to take a break from work. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.

Recent surveys suggest that the majority of Americans take only half of their allotted vacation time each year. To the surprise of nobody, American workers also suffer from being overworked, overwrought and overwhelmed.

Even among those workers who do take the occasional vacation, over 60 percent of them admit to doing some work while they are sitting on the beach or enjoying a ship cruise. And over a quarter of vacationing workers report that they were in some way contacted by their supervisor concerning a work-related problem.

We all need a break from the office every once in a while, and we need more than just a day off here and there. You need a vacation because your health depends on it. Privis Health, your digital healthcare provider, offers the many reasons you need to take a vacation.

Weight Loss

If you want to lose a few pounds, take a vacation. No kidding. High cortisol levels due to stress increases the chance of unintended weight gain. In a nutshell, being stressed at work can make you fat.

A vacation helps ease stress and lowers cortisol levels, which makes it easier to lose weight.

Better Mood

If you come home from work in a sour mood and it is noticed by other family members, it is a sign you need a vacation. When you get back from a relaxing vacation, you begin and end your work days with a smile instead of a snarl.

Connect with Family

There are far too few moments in the day when family members are all in the same room and not engaged on their smartphones or other devices. It is frustrating until you realize that you are just as bad as the kids and spend way too much time checking your phone and reading work emails.

Taking a vacation gives your family the perfect opportunity to unplug from electronic devices and verbally speak to each other. You may learn something new in the process.

Power Off

It seems to get more and more difficult to power off these days. There are days when you never take a break from chatting with co-workers, checking emails or messaging about an upcoming meeting. You have very little downtime.

When you go on a vacation, you allow yourself to disconnect from your work computer, and hopefully, you will disconnect from your smartphone as well. Let your supervisor know that wherever you happen to be going on your vacation, there won’t be any cell phone service.

Feel Refreshed

The responsibilities you have at work can wear you down over a period of time. By taking a vacation, you allow your body and mind to rest and you feel reset and restored when you return. You deserve to take a break from work and tend to your well-being.

Prevent Heart Disease

There are a host of studies that show the cardiovascular health benefits of taking a vacation. One in particular shows that men who skipped out on taking vacations are 30 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack than men who take off at least one week a year.

Another study showed that missing a vacation, even for just one year, is associated with a higher risk of heart disease.

Reduced Stress

The body can handle short-term stress rather well; it is the long-term stress that wreaks havoc on our health. Prolonged stress will quite literally take years off your life.

There are several studies that conclude taking vacations help alleviate stress. People who take a week off work to enjoy a vacation enjoy reduced stress for several weeks after they get back to work.

Reduced Anxiety

If you are experiencing signs of anxiety, it could be because you need a vacation. A vacation will leave you feeling more like yourself again.

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