The weather is getting warmer, school is almost out and you are left with having to watch reruns of your favorite network shows, summer must be very near. You will do your best to keep the children from spending their days in front of the television, keeping your spouse from those weekend afternoon naps and you will do your best to keep busy on the hot, long days of summer.

Summer doesn’t have to be downtime for the family, there are many activities you can plan as a parent that are both fun and healthy. Privis Health, your source for digital healthcare, offers you this list of activities that your family will love and are healthy as well.


Need an excuse to take the family for a hike? We can give you several.

Research has shown time and time again that spending time outdoors is good for your health. This holds true for both kids and adults. In this age of groomed playgrounds and electronic play gadgets, a trail hike offers kids the opportunity to navigate exposed roots, climb over rocks and balance on fallen trees. You will watch in wonder as your kids grow self-confidence as they conqueror each trail.

Hiking also provides a great opportunity to view and even experience wildlife. Even if you don’t spot a coyote or deer, chances are you will see plenty of insects, birds and furry critters scurrying along the path. There is nothing quite like being at one with nature and forging a connection with the environment.

When you are out of city limits and deep in the woods on a trail, it is unlikely you will be getting full cell phone service. This is fine because everybody in your family could use some time unplugged. Really, you aren’t missing anything not being able to see what your friends posted on social media.

Not only will hiking make your family members happy, it will also get their muscles and bones strong by helping maintain healthy levels of vitamin D.

Plant a Garden

From pushing wheelbarrows to pulling weeds, gardening activities are a great way to build muscle. Gardening helps kids and adults develop physically by encouraging muscle growth through activities that are fun.

Growing a garden is also a great way to put your children and spouse on the path to healthy eating. Let’s face it, there is nothing in your garden that is unhealthy, unless you planted a Twinkie in hopes of a miracle.

Gardening is a great way for your family to engage all of their senses. Your family can feel the dirt, seeds and vegetables, they see the vibrant colors of the food and flowers you grow, they smell the amazing scents of fresh herbs and vegetables, they hear the sound of corn being freed from its husk and they will taste the fresh goodness of what you have grown.

Placing seeds in the ground, pulling weeds from around the vegetables and watering plants are all ways in which family members enhance their fine-motor skills.

Most importantly, gardening teaches patience. Kids are used to immediate gratification, but gardening is a slow process and kids learn they need to be patient.

Go on a Bike Ride

Getting the family outdoors has many benefits itself including improving moods, boosting creativity and increased consumption of vitamin D. When you get your family outside to go on a bike ride, these benefits are intensified.

Just like any other exercise program, biking has a positive effect on fitness levels. The bonus is that biking is actually fun and nobody ever thinks of it as exercise.

There are times when you have to rely on the minivan to get the family to the park or library, but when the weather is this good, you can bike to these destinations instead. You will feel good that you and your family are doing their part to do what is right for the environment.

Go Swimming

Pack a healthy lunch or some healthy snacks and head to the public pool for an afternoon of swimming. Swimming is a great form of exercise and a way you can bond with your family.

If you are lucky enough and live close to a beach, plan a day of fun. Jumping through the waves, making sand castles and burying dad in the sand are activities that are fun and healthy. Well, except maybe not for dad.


Getting out with the family to the great outdoors is an even better idea than you might already think.

When you go camping with the family, it will be a bonding experience. Everyone will have a role and everyone will be expected to pitch in and do their part. There will be so much more interacting than when your family spends the night at a motel.

Traditional vacations can be stressful, with all of the time in the minivan and having to stay at someone else’s house. But camping with the family is a stress-free activity that will help you relax and recharge.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Hit up the local farmer’s market to pick some local produce. Let the kids decide what to make for dinner and help them pick out the ingredients you will need. You can also let them pick out a snack for later, some fruit no doubt.

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