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The MGMA annual conference is where pioneers in healthcare gather in one place to showcase their products, network, and educate themselves on the latest medical advancements. With 250 exhibitors and counting, it can be tough to know who’s a must-see. That’s why we’ve created a list of five innovators you shouldn’t let yourself miss. Check out this map to help you find all MGMA vendors.

Rhinogram: Booth 1424

What it is:

Rhinogram streamlines patient-physician communication with a text message-based platform.

Why it’s great:

Let’s say you cut your hand, and just to be safe — you decide to call your doctor. When an office administrator picks up the phone you’re asked to hold. Twenty minutes go by and you’re still waiting. Tired of the repetitive elevator music, you hang up the phone convincing yourself, “eh it’s probably fine.”

Rhinogram takes the agonizing wait timeout of healthcare by giving you answers to your health concerns — fast. If you cut your hand you can simply text a picture to your doctor and they can tell you whether it’s worth a trip to the office or if it’s something Neosporin and a bandage should fix. In fact, Rhinogram reports that 90% of texts received on their platform get a reply within 90 seconds.  All messages are permanently and securely stored, thus creating a running health log for every patient.

The platform isn’t just limited to the clinical side of healthcare — it can also be used to collect insurance information, customer service complaints, and much more.

Health iPass: Booth 2438

What it is:

Health iPass provides a simple way for patients to check into appointments and pay their medical bills.

Why it’s great:

Your company could use traditional methods to receive patient responsible payments — statements, collection calls, text messages, or emails. These methods all have one thing in common: they’re inconvenient. An inconvenient billing system leads to untimely payments, resulting in your company shouldering immense financial burdens.

Health iPass is built on the belief that healthcare should be convenient. With their system, patients swipe their credit/debit card to check in. This opens a portal where the patient can view their benefits, see the cost of care estimates, and authorize their payment method for their current visit. The consumer receives the convenience and transparency they desire while eliminating your need to play “debt collector.”

Privis Health: Booth 921

What it is:

Privis Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions that enable healthcare provider organizations to deliver efficient care to their patient population, streamlining chronic care management.

Why it’s great:

Of course, we had to plug our own company! Our scalable, cloud-based solution empowers healthcare providers to better manage patient populations for both qualities of care and cost of care. With the rise of value-based care comes the need for platforms that help the transition and apply responsive health management strategies.

Our chronic care management programs are inclusive of sociobehavioral, socioeconomic, and special needs of the patient and the population. While never compromising on patient care, we help you manage chronic care patients more efficiently in order to take advantage of the reimbursements available. Stop by our booth, we’d love to chat!

Best Tyme: Booth 1245

What it is:

Best Tyme is a platform that allows clinicians and pharmaceutical sales reps to easily coordinate their schedules.

Why it’s great:

Your administrative staff has enough on their plate scheduling appointments, handling customer service — the list goes on. The last thing they should be doing is going back and forth with a pharmaceutical rep attempting to find a time for them to present their product.

Best Tyme understands that a clinician’s time is valuable. The platform allows clinicians to put in their availability with just a few clicks, then reps can go in and schedule appointments around their input. Say goodbye to endless hours of coordination chaos and hello to doing what you love — serving your patients.

Merritt Hawkins: Booth 2254

What it is:

Merritt Hawkins is a leading physician staffing firm with over 30 years of experience.

Why it’s great:

Merritt Hawkins understands one of the most pressing healthcare challenges that lies ahead — “the physician deficit is forecasted to top 104,000 physicians by 2030.” This begs the question:  as a healthcare provider in a “buyer’s market” for physician jobs, how do you stand out?

The industry experts at Merritt Hawkins understand how to make your company desirable by creating enticing incentive packages while giving you peace of mind with detailed screening strategies. Their goal is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship. With over 470,000 physicians in their database, you’re bound to find a perfect match.

The Bottom-Line

These vendors all have a common goal: to streamline the healthcare process so everyone benefits. MGMA is always a great event with so many opportunities to learn from some of the healthcare industry’s best innovators.

If you’re attending MGMA, be sure to stop by booth 921 to visit us. Drop us a line if you want to meet while at the conference!