The Difference

The difference is in the outcome.

Privis Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions that enable healthcare provider organizations to deliver efficient care to their patient population.

Through it’s scalable, cloud-based solution, it empowers healthcare providers to better manage quality of care while achieving their operating and performance goals.

As a pioneer in healthcare delivery reform, Privis Health develops and implements innovative chronic care management programs. Offerings include transitions of care and chronic care management programs that are inclusive of sociobehavioral, socioeconomic and special needs of the patient and the population. Privis Health also brings deep experience with quality measures and outcomes, development of comparative performance information, and results-driven service models to improve system performance.

  • Manage Transitions of Care
  • Identify socio-behavioral health determinants
  • Identify and manage high-risk patients
  • Stratify patient populations from aggregated data including EHRs, claims, registries, and EDWs
  • Automate the development of care plans derived from clinical and assessment data
  • Guide care team members to perform the right interventions for the right patients at the right time
  • Replace manual processes and disparate systems with a holistic management platform


Approach Metrics

  • Deep team experience in chronic care management
  • Proactive team-based service models
  • Structured approach to practice and payment transformation
  • Balance between local innovation and enterprise priorities
  • A supportive technology platform
    Comprehensive data integration and analytics
  • Proven program model designs with implementation support
  • Development of a Learning Health System.

Program Outcomes

  • The most effective preventive services
  • Improved the health and well-being of the population served
  • Dynamic shared care plan across the care team
  • Improved social behavioral and economic patient status
  • Controlled growth in healthcare expenditures
  • Programmatic improvements based on continual learning
  • Success in meeting FFV goals and revenue targets.


Community Oriented

Privis Health’s innovative and proven program models are based around our clients Care Management Teams (CMT) who lead broader community-based approach

Discrete Metrics

Designed to identify and manage discrete, at-risk populations through a set of selection criteria:
– Clinical Risk Factors
– Comorbid Conditions
– Gaps In Care
– Mental Health Issues
– Social Issues
– Economic Issues
– Addiction

Team-Based Approach

Privis Health comprehensive model establishes an integrated care effort, while engaging community health resources and ancillary services to ensure seamless delivery of all aspects of a complex care plan


Properly executed the program will achieve excellent outcomes on pre-established care goals, which drives predictable impacts on health care cost within a one to two-year period